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Printing press system

Printing Presses System Properties

quotations on odoo system


Unprecedented of intelligence and flexibility way for managing building pricing list.. -Prices which is professional are sent from the system by private email of employee.

printing press system on odoo erp


Sales have alot of properties which help in different of marketing tasks and the the most important of them that it works by using taplet or mobile from remote place so that offer facilities to marketers to create prices' offers to employees More

create bills on odoo system


You can pay bills by many ways such as electronic way.

printing press management system

Marketing / Customer Service

The system allows easy and flexible tools(machines) for the marketing's team to choose the probable customers and write down appointments and private phone calls of each customer which probably help in increasing sales, the rest is gone to CRM, managing projects,the processes And implementation More

odoo erp system

Mange Projects / operations / execution

you can save the time and wrong things which are done from tasks' management and level of printing beginning from designing to delivering through easy and useful tools which are selected from the tasks and responsibility for each employee automatically, and allows to the customer to level of implementation and present compliments and add comments

printing press management system

work organization

The system warn the users of the times of tasks by emails

program for printing press system


The customer interact with the work's team by customers' area and makes he Continue the levels of implementation and all private treatments.

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