Diamond Vision ERP
Trading System

The first integrated system in the middle

east for trading companies

Diamond Vision ERP

Trading System

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Diamond vision ERP لماذا نظام

The system provides integrated solutions for all levels

System modules





E-Commerce Website








There are many other modules which meet our clients needs.

The system support

Multiple branches

System supports many branches and connects them to follow all the work from one place

Users permissions

Ability to give different permissions to users

Multiple currencies

Can deal with more than 156 currency in the system

Import & Export

System support import & export data from sheets

Multiple languages

System supports multi languages in user interface and brochures for clients , suppliers and employees


System can send mails of proposals and receipts to clients

System advantages

  • Quotations from suppliers.
  • Purchasing orders to suppliers.
  • Tenders 
  • Send quotations to suppliers directly by mail.
  • Send sales orders to suppliers directly by mail.
  • Delivery and payment conditions.
  • Send supplying orders from the system directly by mail.
  • Comparing quotations.
  • Suppliers file for each product.
  • Quotations 
  • Selling orders
  • Sending selling orders to clients from the system directly.
  • Get items balance when creating quotations and selling orders.
  • Delivery and payment conditions.
  • Use any number of currencies.
  • Set main currency for the company.
  • Set exchange rate during financial transactions .
  • Extract accounting reports by main currency or other currencies.
  • Repayment conditions .
  • Repayment conditions which mean repayment period and value of each premium as the system allows to divide the value of receipts to any financial periods
  • Accounts guide can create an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Create accounts numbering 
  • Create accounts with unlimited levels
  • Create accounts and connect each account with it’s type like (assets , offers , expenses , revenues , …etc).
  • Connect the professor’s accounts to analytical accounts (cost centers) and choosing between making it basic or choosing it in needs.
  • Create main accounts.
  • Create sub accounts under main accounts.
  • The system works by helping diaries (french diaries)
  • Create an unlimited number of diaries .
  • Recording in diaries and posting to sub professor’s note (accounts files and this is done automatically ).
  • Extract report for daily restrictions for diaries.
  • Creating direct transactions from the diary like treasury or bank diary.
  • Extract any report
  • Real-time balances for items
  • Reorder items
  • Item card
  • Multiple inventories
  • Easy to control inventory transactions.
  • Follow all the  inventory transactions through easy to reach dashboard
  • Multiple locations in the same inventory 
  • First in first out
  • Last in first out
  • Items barcode
  • Expecting ordered items
  • Multiple measure units
  • Consumer products like which are used in the office (photocopy papers – stationary )
  • Inventory products which are bought to resell.
  • Service products like (maintenance – training )
  • Serial numbered products like (TVs , mobiles , …etc)
  • Shipments numbered products like (medicines , food , …etc)
  • Products with different variations like (color , size , …etc)
  • Items barcode
  • Assets classification 
  • Assets buying
  • Assets depreciation ( static premium – reducing premium)
  • Depreciation record (monthly – quarterly – half yearly – annual)
  • Create independent diary for each bank
  • Create unlimited number of bank accounts 
  • Connect each bank with professor’s account 
  • Use bank account with receipt and payment papers
  • Review bank transactions before approval and deportation.
  • Recording bank expenses 
  • Recording any of incomes to bank accounts
  • Recording any of expenses to bank accounts
  • Transfer  of funds from bank to other
  • Transfer  of funds from bank to treasury or the opposite .
  • Create advanced payments to customers or suppliers
  • Shipments tracking
  • Add customs fees
  • Add taxes 
  • Add shipping cost
  • Clearness expenses
  • Comparing between actual delivery date and the expected date.
  • Follow all the paid funds on each shipment expenses
  • Support whole the receipts papers cycle 
  • Create transaction of check receipt 
  • Create diary to save checks (checks wallet)
  • The effect of the check on the bank account, and the check appears to be conclusive.
  • Follow up checks ( check number – bank name , etc)
  • Check   depositing in the bank and an intermediary account is used (checks under collection).

Analytical accounts, which are also called cost centers, are intended to create a parallel guide to the accounts directory that allows more analysis of expenditures and revenues, or control of costs and revenues for a project, or revenue monitoring in terms of the distribution of expenses to departments or sections

  • عروض أسعار من الموردين
  • أوامر شراء من الموردين
  • المناقصات
  • إرسال عروض الأسعار للموردين بالايميل من البرنامج مباشرة
  • إرسال أوامر الشراء بالايميل للموردين من البرنامج مباشرة
  • شروط التسليم والدفع
  • ارسال اوامر التوريد بالايميل من النظام مباشرة
  • مقارنة عروض الأسعار
  • لكل صنف سجل موردين خاص به
  • Pricing list for each client
  • Pricing list of discounts  for periods of time.
  • Determine selling price based on cost
  • Determine selling price based on the last buying price
  • Create a pricing list based on another pricing list.
  • Create commissions based on segments .
  • Create commissions based on periods .
  • Create commissions percentages on items groups
  • Create commissions percentages on items .
  • Calculate commission on sales order
  • Calculate commission on sales receipts 

Calculate commission on sales Attainment


  • Evaluate customer’s sales
  • Evaluate product’s sales
  • Evaluate periods’s sales
  • Evaluate sales team’s sales
  • Evaluate sales person’s sales
  • Evaluate supplier’s purchases
  • Evaluate item’s purchases
  • Evaluate period’s purchases
  • Item card
  • Items balance quantity and cost price.
  • Inventory report 
  • Inventory transactions report
  • Additional costs report
  • Detailed client’s account statement report
  • Total account statement report
  • Currencies account statement report
  • Treasury account statement report
  • Bank account statement report
  • Income list report
  • Budget report
  • Cash flow report
  • Create unlimited number of specialized financial reports
  • Easy to design financial reports 
  • Save the designed reports to your dashboard 
  • Name the report with the name which matches its nature.
  • Rabid and easy to use tool to get data in form of analytical report.
  • Use all search filters
  • Use the grouping feature according to all the search terms.

Full integration with the electronic billing system

The system provides you with all the requirements you need to join the electronic billing system

Different level of integration

For the first time system includes e-commerce website and mobile application


Mobile application

Application advantages :

  • The same advantages of website and works on android system
  • Send notification to the application users
  • Integrated with the services centers
  • Record (kilometres - oil exchange , … etc)
  • Follow up periodic maintenance appointments
  • Follow up previous maintenance.


E-commerce website

Website advantages

  • Add products and items from the system.
  • Products Review and comparing
  • Reserve or sell cars
  • Reserve test drive
  • Book maintenance appointment
  • Receive customers complaints
  • Internal live chat
  • Mobile application

  • E-commerce website

The system works on

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