Diamond Vision ERP
Automotive System

The first integrated system in the middle east for in one integrated system

Diamond vision

Why to choose Diamond ERP

The system provides integrated solutions for all levels

Diamond vision

System modules

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maintenance centers

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The system support


Users permissions

Ability to give different permissions to users.


Multiple branches

System supports many branches and connects them to follow all the work from one place .


Import & Export

System support import & export data from sheets .


Multiple currencies

Can deal with more than 156 currency in the system.



System can send mails of proposals and receipts to clients.


Multiple languages

System supports multi languages in user interface and brochures for clients , suppliers and employees .

System advantages

  • Extract traffic letters.
  • Print quotations
  • Create pricing lists
  • Make discounts.
  • Record sales order.
  • Commercial sale
  • Cash sale
  • Direct installments sale
  • Bank financing sale
  • Warranty sale
  • Insurance sale
  • Accessories sale
  • Transfer car from one showroom to another.
  • Receive and deliver the car at a specific showroom
  • Determine minum for each car
  • List the chassis numbers for each exhibition
  • List the chassis numbers which suppliers show.
  • List the chassis numbers which are shown as honesty.
  • List the other items like spare parts
  • Cost center for each car
  • Load additional expenses on the car (chassis number).
  • Process checks cycle
  • Salers commissions on the buying price or the commercial price.
  • Separate the bank accounts of bank financing and the bank accounts of the company
  • Divide restrictions to diaries
  • A complete accounting guide
  • Receive safety cargo
  • Buy and sell safety cargo to and from showrooms.
  • ا الامانة
  • حصر ارقام الشاسيهات المعروض لدى الموردين
  • Record buying order (income terms)
  • Record proforma invoice
  • Track bank letters of importing (documentary credits)
  • Track shipping with shipping companies
  • Track and record the customs expenses
  • Load the importing expenses on the shipment and load the car by importing expenses(clearance) )
  • Record a group of cars at once
  • New or used
  • Add more one picture of the car
  • Number of (chassis – motor – pallet)
  • Record (car brand – model – year – class – color)
  • Type (sydane – SUV – …etc)
  • Specifications (Gulf – European – etc.)
  • Engine (petrol – solar – hybrid)
  • Transmission / Number of shifts (automatic – manual – etc.)
  • Luxuries (rims – ABS – sunroof – electric seats – etc.)
  • Buying from local supplier (new – used)
  • Determine supplier for each car
  • Buy cash – with checks or order
  • Record suppliers quotations
  • Record purchase orders and create invoices
  • Record invoices directly
  • Buy safety cargo
  • Reserve the car with chassis number or without
  • Reserve the car with advanced payment or without
  • Reserve the car for specific time
  • Cancel car reservation after specific time
  • Change the reserving chassis number


Strong developed reports system produces reports in different forms (printed - analytical - interactive ) . You can create an unlimited number of reports and save them to the opening screen to be applied to all departments .

  • Income list report
  • Generality budget report
  • Cash flows list report
  • Trial balance report
  • Analytical reports for the diary
  • Financial periods comparing report
  • Analytical report for cost centers
  • Analytical report for accounts
  • Ages of dept for customers and suppliers report
  • General professor reports
  • Payments report
  • Analytical report for expenses accounts
  • Analytical report for incomes accounts
  • Detailed account statement for customers and suppliers
  • Detailed report for each car profit (chassis number)
  • The best selling branches / showrooms with an explanation of the brands – models.
  • The best selling brands – models.
  • The best selling sales person on branch level – all company branches with an explanation of the brands – models.
  • Calculate the number of days since receiving the car
  • Calculate the number of days since reserving the vehicle
  • Detailed report for the ads made to every chassis.
  • The total and net of the sale
  • The total and net of accessories sales
  • The total and net of security
  • The total and net of insurance
  • Deduction of the seller’s commission from the car’s profits
  • The total and net of cars selling profit
  • The total and net of each showroom profit
  • The total and net of enterprise profit
  • Each branch sales reports
  • Each branch customers indebtedness reports.
  • Suppliers indebtedness report
  • Sales reports with the type of sales
  • Sales reports for branche with sales person
  • Each branch expenses reports .

Full integration with the electronic billing system

The system provides you with all the requirements you need to join the electronic billing system

Different level of integration

For the first time system includes e-commerce website and mobile application


Mobile application

Application advantages :

  • The same advantages of website and works on android system
  • Send notification to the application users
  • Integrated with the services centers
  • Record (kilometres - oil exchange , … etc)
  • Follow up periodic maintenance appointments
  • Follow up previous maintenance.


E-commerce website

Website advantages

  • Add products and items from the system.
  • Products Review and comparing
  • Reserve or sell cars
  • Reserve test drive
  • Book maintenance appointment
  • Receive customers complaints
  • Internal live chat
  • Mobile application

  • E-commerce website

Why to choose Diamond Vision

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